Tuesday, July 7, 2015

You're a racist.


CNN Poll Shows Majority of Americans DO NOT Consider Confederate Flag Racist

A new poll from CNN released this morning shows that a majority of Americans do not believe the Confederate flag is racist, but see it as a symbol of Southern pride.

Of respondents, 57% think the flag is a symbol of Southern pride, which CNN reports is on par with the 59% who gave the same response in the year 2000.

When accounting for race, education, and location though, views on the flag were split.
Among African-Americans, 72% see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, just 25% of whites agree. In the South, the racial divide is even broader. While 75% of Southern whites describe the flag as a symbol of pride and 18% call it a symbol of racism, those figures are almost exactly reversed among Southern African-Americans, with just 11% seeing it as a sign of pride and 75% viewing it as a symbol of racism.
Among whites, there's a sharp divide by education, and those with more formal education are less apt to see the flag as a symbol of pride. Among whites with a college degree, 51% say it's a symbol of pride, 41% one of racism. Among those whites who do not have a college degree, 73% say it's a sign of Southern pride, 18% racism.
The poll also asked respondents about their views on removing the Confederate flag from government property, sales of the flag from private companies, and state flags that feature it within their design.

The poll was conducted by phone between June 26-28, and interviewed 1,017 adult Americans with a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percent.

 Here are the full results from the CNN poll.


  1. As usual William, you win the award of most ironic post of the day. That cartoon up top is pretty accurate IMO. A long, long time ago, Republicans did oppose slavery and the Democrats, actually the Dixecrats, opposed integration. It's well documented, however, that both parties have switched sides, and today, Democrats truly do benefit from racism and a near complete lack of inclusion of black people into the Republican party. You don't have to call the party racist to find it curious that all positions of power in the Republican party are held by white men.

    As for the flag, it's kind of a meaningless question to ask people whether they think it represents racism. A much better question would be to ask people nationwide WHEN the flag started to be flown on state houses in the south. A somewhat reasonable case could be made that reverence for the confederate flag is about much more than celebrating a time when the white man ruled the south with slave labor. However, the reason the rebel flag was flown over state houses had nothing to do with pride and had everything to do with giving a middle finger to those who believed it was time forcibly end racial discrimination. Middle finger wagger that you are to everything that emanates from Washington or liberals in general, I can see why you would take up a cause that has absolutely no bearing on your life whatsoever. Regardless, read the tea leaves, even local Republicans are voting to remove it.

  2. Nice response Max. It is the flag of a now defunct nation. The new Russian flag of red white and blue is flown over the Kremlin not the red and yellow hammer and sickle, the flag of the now defunct USSR.