Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The American ISIS

After hearing the Huckseter's comments (noted elsewhere) and after hearing Cruz say that Obama will become the leading financier of radical Islamic terror and of course, after listening to Trump on any day of the week, I have become convinced that the far right in this country has become an Americanized ISIS. Whereas the real ISIS seems to thrive on finding as many sadistic ways possible to horrifically murder people, the far right ISIS of America thrives on finding as many bombastic ways possible as they can to denounce Obama and claim that liberals are destroying everything sacred that given to us as a gift from the Christian God.

Admittedly, I have long felt that in terms of ideological driven fervor, there is little that separates the far right from the radical Imams of Islam, minus the wholesale slaughter of the unbelievers that is. The radical Islamists make the claim that the wickedness of the infidels, is a threat to their vision of purity. In this country, replace the Koran with the Constitution, and you have pretty much the same fervor and radical belief that all of our problems are due to the fact that we do not maintain a mindset rooted in the 1700's. True, when we invaded Iraq, the war was well supported by Democrats in Washington, but I have to rhetorically ask if we would have been there if W Bush was not so beholden to Cheney and the other neocons. The bombast, the fervor that I hear in people like Cruz, Huckabee and Trump sounds a lot like the screaming of the purist radical Imams. Once the flap over these latest remarks die down, a new flap will arise when a couple of these fundamentalists say something else because their base will demand it and strategically, they will need to keep out crazying each other to keep drawing new hoards of pissed off people who will contribute as much rage (and hopefully money) to the cause as they can.

ISIS seems to be drawing hoards of young people from all over the globe to go fight and take part in the slaughter of non believers. Though nobody is being slaughtered in THIS country, yet, I hear a seething rage in the far right rhetoric. Further, I hear a promise that if given the chance, the contenders will throw down and bring wholesale slaughter to the middle east to anyone who utters a word of contempt toward Israel. There is a growing militancy in this country that alarms me. When I start to hear calls to arms and exponentially growing bombast, I start to think that history has plenty of examples of how such movements go horribly wrong.


  1. there is little that separates the far right from the radical Imams of Islam

    What ever happened to the days when we had our differences and accepted the differences. Your statement is quite telling.

    The sad part is that some do not recognize the militancy of the left as dangerous while claiming the militancy of the right is dangerous. Perhaps legalizing POT is a great idea as it may calm the left down a bit.

    1. Indeed. The left needs to be talked down from attacking.........?

    2. Rick Perry says if he is elected President he will enforce the law against pot and force the states to go along. Also, Israel has nuclear weapons, by some estimates in the thousands. They also have bombers and missiles to deliver them. Iran has none. It was predicted that they were months away from developing a bomb, but that was 5 year ago. So if they were to develop a bomb, Israel could blow them off the face of the Earth.