Wednesday, July 8, 2015

And so it goes.

Principal Verenice Guiterrez, who certainly voted for Obama, runs the Harvey Scott School (K-8) in Portland, Oregon. And she has made an announcement that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist!

Why? Because, as Principal Guiterrez explained, this effort effort was made to, “improve education for students of color.” She noted that some students – such as those from Mexico or Somalia – haven’t eaten bread in their culture. Instead, they eat pitas, tortas, and other bread substitutes.

Therefore, the serving of delicious PB&Js is a brazen display of white privilege. The Principal wants to cancel out this supposed racial privilege and “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.”

How is this possible? Food can’t make racial comments… And a sandwich can’t even watch The Dukes of Hazzard. It is two slices of bread, with your favorite jelly and crunchy or creamy peanut butter. Most children think they are delicious, and I bet you probably still eat them.

They are nutritious, full of energy, and are cheap. That’s why millions of people eat PB&Js every day!

I wonder if I should rush to the store and buy whole grain wheat bread. Perhaps that would boost my kitchen’s racial diversity?

This has gone too far. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not racist and children should be allowed to eat them.

And the party continues.


  1. Easy call, this is really stupid. Clearly I am left of center of you, William and TS. If this doesn't remotely represent my views, what blanket statement about the left can be made of this?

    1. It makes a statement how crazy people get, left and right when given the chance.

      There is no blanket statement only stupidity to allow an individual like her a position of authority.

  2. Yes louman she is stupid but eating this delicious sandwich on whole wheat bread would increase it's nutritional value and give it a more "brown " look.

    1. When your on a limited budget as most schools are, white bread works just as well.

      p.s. Had PB&J for lunch. Homemade, low sugar jam.

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    3. Cool it's jelly time here the apples are about ready.
      Wheat bread is better for you and the cost difference is minimal.

  3. From the Portland Tribune:

    Two months ago, Gutierrez landed in the national spotlight when bloggers and radio talk show hosts gleefully mocked her offhand remark, quoted in a Tribune news story, about the use of a peanut butter sandwich as an example of cultural sensitivity.

    Gutierrez was explaining how students raised outside the United States might be left out of a lesson unless teachers make it culturally relevant.

    Now the staff at Scott School say that while they believe their principal is well-intentioned, her focus on race has instead created a hostile environment for students, staff and families.

    1. Ah, white bread. A perfect symbol for the decline of, as Max would say, the American white male.

      Here in Jersey they had a ban on PB@J recently in schools because of the peanut allergy. You needed a note from a parent to bring this delicious sandwich to school.

      Ah, it's all becoming very clear. It's all part of the vast left wing conspiracy against the white bigoted male population. Why didn't I recognize this earlier? I suppose being a white bigoted American male I was blindsided.

      Pass the pita Michele.

    2. "I suppose being a white bigoted American male I was blindsided."

      You may or may not bigoted. When I read your posts, that's not the first thing that comes to mind and my hunch is that deep down you aren't. You typically don't say much at all unless it is sarcasm. Judging from what you cut and paste, however, it seems like what appeals to you seems to appeal to the older white male demographic. There is a bit of a running theme of victimhood in the articles you choose, IE the evil government or evil liberals (yeah, that is redundant) attacking some bastion of purity, whether it is white bread or the rebel flag, or bakeries who don't want to make gay cakes because God says homosexuality is wrong.

      Whereas I think liberals love to find a victim to raise up from injustice, I also think quite a few older conservatives love to claim the moniker of victim. Younger people that I see who follow Paul (some anyway) and even odd bloggers who claim Republican allegiance who are less than age 50 do not seem to have a problem with gay marriage, global warming, science in general and are not in favor of more war mongering in the middle east. Many more these days are also openly stating they are not at war with those who are pro-choice. I suppose every decade brings a generational shift of some kind and hence, a decline in power or status for some generation that has held control for awhile

  4. It's called change Max and it is coming rapidly in the US .