Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 - FYI


  1. Is this an issue for smarmy mac users?

    1. How many patches a month do you suppose they will have?

      Will they reach the patch level of that wonderful OS Vista?

      At least they are getting a little smarter about their upgrades and giving them away for free like Apple.

    2. I think 'enhancements' like this are the exact and only reason Microsoft is giving this away.(other than their reather clumbsy history from XP to present) How many other gems will one need to opt out of. This is blatent theft... securely done of course.

      I don't know Mike, I am not with the 'in crowd' but the article appears to suggest that it works via Outlook... I would heed the opt out instructions for you wifi password anyway.. Only problem is that if you do make your password truely difficult and use all 32 characters... hacks will already have half your password.

    3. I don't use outlook as a stand alone program. My school uses it, but it is embedded in our interface that I use for assignments and what not. I run office for mac and keep up with all the updates, but have not installed outlook. Not sure I would go back to PC at this point, although the hardware is way cheaper than mac