Friday, March 25, 2016

Who Needs Planned Parenthood?

After passing a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, Florida lawmakers provided a list of other "health centers" that could provide breast exams, contraception, and other women's care — and the list included dozens of public school nurse's offices, prisons, podiatrists, and dentists. "I don't think an elementary school can prescribe me birth control," said college student Kheyanna Suarez. The Week Staff.   My question is, Why not the family vet?


  1. There are 49 other States that she can move to to get her pills.

  2. Or, stay in Florida and go to her foot doctor or dentist as the state suggests. Don't you find that just a bit odd?

  3. Let the abortionists fund themselves.

  4. Enough with killing babies with your tax dollars.

  5. William, birth control is not abortion, in fact it contributes to a decrease in the number of abortions. I would think that folks who rail against welfare recipients, saying they "breed like rabbits" would welcome the easy availability of birth control.

    1. I have no problem with birth control. I just don't want to pay for yours.

      Buy your own f---in pills.

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    3. You'd rather pay for the food stamps, health care, education, public housing, and welfare for the "happy accidents"? $10 a month for a subsidized BC scrip seems like a huge bargain to me ...

      I know, I know, you don't want nor do you think you should have to pay for any of that stuff.

      There is some merit to the argument against subsidized birth control just as there is some merit to the argument against subsidized anything, but we have built a society and this is how it functions.

      We live in a world where things are as they are - there's an objective reality and there's a subjective "way things outta be" - many times, there's a Grand Canyon-sized chasm between the two. If you want to move the needle, best to start from the point of objective reality.

      120 federal bucks a year for a birth control scrip for a poor woman who can't afford it, or 30,000+ federal bucks a year to support that woman's unwanted child (children)?

      Whether you think it ought to be or not, this is the choice in the realm of Objective Reality.

    4. Family planning is a legitimate concern of medicine between a woman and her doctor. The arguments against letting it be simply that are weak. One argument seems to be that conservatives don't want to pay for women to have a free pass to whore around. First and foremost, this is a way inflated sense of self importance on the part of conservatives. Second, we spend enormous sums of money in this country on medicine for people who are taking medicine because they can't be bothered to eat better, get exercise and take responsibility for the condition they are in. Smokers cost us literally 1% of total GDP a year. Think about that cost William. Type II diabetes has much to do with lifestyle, though there is an increased risk if a first degree relative had it. Still, we spend over 10 billion a year on treatment for DM. These are just two examples.

      I don't understand the bitterness that conservatives have around this issue. Part of it is likely due to thinking woman belong in a kitchen, mindlessly serving their husband. Part of it certainly seems religious, although gluttony is as much of a sin as lust and they don't seem to have a problem paying for healthcare related to that. The premise of insurance, any insurance, is to pool risk and try to lower the impact the rest of us pay for individual bad behavior. Contraception, to me, seems way more responsible than money committed to caring for individuals who have taken no steps to live healthy.