Thursday, March 31, 2016

Excellent article

In my daily list of stories that are frequently one sided and spamish, I got a link to this story from daily kos  

I was not surprised to see the story provide a call for both Rahm and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to call, but I was kind of surprised to see it was written by Bill Moyers. I've always kinda thought Rahm was just an abusive prick, but up until this race, I had been a little more neutral on DSW. Moyers, IMO, supports his premise pretty well of why both of these two need to go. They do not seem very concerned with working class issues, and like Hillary, both seem very connected to money and willing to help grease the wheels for their benefactors. Nothing of the sort that Moyers is suggesting will happen of course, but it's refreshing to keep seeing stories like this.


  1. I read the article and I agree it would benefit the candidates if they both went. I also agree it's highly unlikely to happen. Just read that the number of shooting deaths in Chicago has soared this year. I have a brother who once worked for a company based in Chicago and he said that graft was a line item in their budget. That Toddling Town!

  2. Yeah, graft has always been an issue there. My view is not entirely consistent here. Graft and scamming exists in everything. I don't like it, but I can live with it right up to the point where a system no longer works, which I believe is much of America today. The Democratic Machine, as it has long been called in Chicago, does control pretty much everything. When shit get's done, IE streets are plowed, street lights fixed when they break, alleys are clean, and so on, I can live with the patronage. Daley Jr. was the mayor when I last lived there, and more or less, all of the above happened. Then again, I lived in a northside, white neighborhood.

    In a thread a while back, Lou made a comment about Democrats making a needed and useful move toward the center. IMO, that move to the center included opening the doors wide to appeasing the investor class. I believe this has been a disaster for the party, and for the country. Business and investors need incentive and need a decent reward for taking risk. Because of graft though, this has become way way to skewed in favor of the investor class. I can and have bitched endlessly about the million ways Alan Greenspan contributed to destroying the financial system. Today, that financial system is VERY dependent on the FED doling out tons of free money, and even in that environment, bankers still find ways to fuck up and lose money. Prior to 1999, I think we still had a functioning financial system wherein Wall Street had a lot of power, but nothing like what they have today. People like Rahm and DSW and Hillary, IMO, are helping to keep the Democratic party pliant to the wishes of big donors.