Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Crazy times

This race has probably been decided for awhile, but I thought last night made some things even more clear. Rubio seemed to basically kill himself a few weeks ago and seemingly needed last night to tell him the obvious. Kasich had a nice win, and after watching some of his town halls the past few days, I have to admit I found him pretty refreshing. He didn't preach the bible in a manner suggesting he has a direct line to God, instead he gave touching examples of how we should treat each other. But, the pundits say it is mathematically impossible for him to win, or even to go to the convention with a lead.

Which brings up an interesting point. Trump continues to roll. The Republican party seems to hate it. Yet, no candidate seems to want to speak to Trump voters. Cruz is openly courting Kasich and Rubio voters to come take a look at what Cruz's campaign has to offer. But, everyone seems to entirely dismiss Trumps voters as if they are simply not worth a damn because they aren't backing more traditional Republican candidates. I'll admit, there is one small subset of Trump's crowd that I have no respect for, and that subset is the racist idiots. That is not the entirety of his base, but neither is it so small that we can just overlook it. Ironically, I see a Venn diagram where supporters of Trump and Bernie have some overlap. I watched some Hillary talk last night and I can see her trying to reach out to Bernie voters. It looks false as shit to me, but in contrast to the Republicans, she is at least already making that effort. I had to laugh until I had a coughing fit when Hillary made a pitch for her crowd to send in small donations because "We really need that support" What an F'n joke coming from super pack lady. Anyway.....

I find it interesting that more than a few Republicans have said it might be just fine to go to the convention and have several ballots until they reach a conclusion where Trump loses. It seems like this would be the biggest fuck you possible that the party could dish out. Hard to picture right now what the outcome of that would look like, but I can't imagine it sitting well with a lot of people. On the Dem side, I kinda felt like last night closed the door on Bernie. He's got states coming up soon that are probably going to be more favorable to him, but I don't think he's going to overcome the superpunk delegates that basically protect the ability of the party to put their thumb on the scale in favor of whatever candidate they want. I still think Hillary is going to win the pledged delegates, but that will probably be closer. I don't expect any outcome right now other than Hillary and Trump being the nominees.


  1. What's your opinion Max on Trumpie skipping the upcoming FOX hole debate?

    1. Quite honestly, I can't blame him. I think it's a tactically smart move. The only role he can play is to be a punching bag for Cruz and Kasich, and if you are winning, why give those behind you a chance to land some blows. The guy I thought made a mistake was Kasich for saying he won't debate. At a time when he just had a nice win, I think he should be jumping a chance to get himself out there and try to snag some Rubio voters. Not sure I get his logic there.

      What were your thoughts on it?

    2. I don't think one Trumpie voter will peel from him no matter what. He's already taken on everyone from the Pope to Megan Kelly. Getting into the weeds with Cruz plays into Teds strengths.

      If Trumpie does actually win he'll have established that the media had better not play their silly sadistic games with him. I actually see him winning and only spending 4 years in the w house.

      I've got some limited experience with people that Trumpie has had to deal with in the Metropolitan area. Let me tell you, they ain't bean bag. This guy is tough and knows how to win. Maybe at all costs, maybe without taking prisoners, but he's a world class cold blooded finisher.

      A couple of years ago on this site I predicted that a candidate would emerge from off the grid. Trumpie is that guy. I don't give Hillary any chance. None.

    3. I agree that no Trump voter is going to peel away from him no matter what happens. In a general campaign, I honestly don't know what happens. In Trump and Hillary, you have two candidates who seems to be pretty strongly disliked by just about everyone who is not a supporter.

      By the time the Republican primary is done, Trump is going to have gone scorched earth on Cruz and Kasich. Will supporters of those candidates just let that go and support Trump? IDK. I'm not sure Trump wins a general by just trashing Hillary the way he has gotten through the primary. At some point, you need to appeal to a bigger audience.

    4. Seems the Dem's have the same problem with Bernie. I think many will have a problem swinging to Hillary as will the Trumpsters move toward another candidate.