Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The long awaited REAL Super Tuesday is upon us, and the Shit Show has arrived in NC.

Yes March 1st is considered Super Tuesday . But outside of Texas and Georgia there really aren't a lot of Delegates at stake.
 March 15th 6 more primaries are upon us and all but 1 are major states and 3 are winner takes all on the republican side. Our republican government in NC  has spent 4 years screwing up the state but the one thing they did do right was to move the NC Primary from late May to the second super Tuesday so the shit show has arrived to my state. A Trump yard sign has been planted by some idiot at the entrance to my neighborhood. Every other TV commercial is touting the fine qualities of our presidential hopefuls, And for the first time in my life I am headed for the presidential primary as an undecided voter. We have 3 visits scheduled in the immediate area already, Trump will be at the Crown Center in Fayetteville today, ( Yes Fayetteville is a mere 50 minutes away), Bill was here in Raleigh Tuesday and Hilary will be in Durham and Raleigh tomorrow. Bernie is at the Greensboro Coliseum Thursday night and Ted Cruz is scheduled in Charlotte on Saturday. But I am still undecided. I am leaning towards the Bern but have doubts if he could really win in November and obviously I agree that Hillary is a flawed candidate. Not because of E mails William but is America just tired of the Clintons as they have shown  to be tired of the Bushes. I sorta am.
    How big is Tuesday?  226 republican delegates are in winner takes all states of Ohio (66), Missouri (52) and Florida (99) and assuming Trump wins all his lead is nearly insurmountable and he will severely stain two more of his rivals if he takes their home states away from them. He could effectively cut the field to himself and Cruz, mano y mano just as Cruz wants. Ahh you say 66+99+52 doesn't add up to 226. No it does not, the Northern Mariana Islands (9) also has it's winner takes all republican primary on this second super Tuesday. There are 2 proportional races for the repubs also 69 delegates from Illinois, and 72 up for grabs here in the great state of North Carolina.
The dems will award proportionately a total of  792 delegates so although more states voted March 1st more is at stake in this second super Tuesday. 5 BIG states 3 of them Winner gets it all on the republican side. It may effectively seal the collective fates of Kasich, Rubio and Cruz.
  With that said who will Trump take as his running mate? My take is John Kasich, the one candidate he has never picked on, the one he has left standing through it all. The most experienced of the bunch, the governor of Ohio, Ohio a large swing state and a linchpin, a keystone in the blue wall of the electoral college. It is the choice that could make him a winner. Will he figure it out  or will he go outside the box as he is known to do and pick someone like say a Michael Bloomberg another nominal republican businessman. it will be interesting.


  1. Speaking of shit shows in NC, I watched an episode of VICE last night regarding factory farming practices for meat. Nothing I didn't already know, but it was amazing seeing all the literal, and i mean literal, pig shit ponds as far as the eye can see in any direction. I can't remember the name of the book I read a while back that dealt with this, but a big chunk of the book was devoted to the guy who started the "riverkeepers" on the Neuse. He said it got so bad that he and his grandchildren could no longer swim in the river because they literally got sores on their skin. He also claimed himself to be Republican.

    I'd like to think that if people really understood how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going into raising just one cow, how many acres of land are cleared just to grow grain to fatten cows up, how much shit left behind that seeps into ground water, and on and on, that maybe they would question the environmental practices of these producers. But if you don't live by it, it's outa sight, outa mind.

    I was impressed by Bernie last night taking Michigan. When I watched the debate, I thought he did a good job, though all the pundits could focus on was his use of the word ghetto. Trump already looks pretty unstopable, but if he keeps mopping the floor next week, wow. They spent a lot of money on negative ads on him and it only seemed to help.

  2. yes hog ponds are a problem here I lived in Greenville in the late 90's when hurricane Floyd flooded the place. The country area across the river was lousy with hog farms. They all flooded and the ponds of course mixed with the flood waters. It smelled like someone died.