Monday, March 21, 2016

The Communist Revolutionaries/REVISED


  1. Che' or Obama. Who killed more people?

  2. Yeah, when I saw that live I knew that was gonna be catnip for the right. Che got what he deserved, but not soon enough. Fidel is another murderous bastard who was able to escape Che's fate. The Chinese have murdered likely millions, and we rewarded them with all of our jobs and most of our industrial base. I get that the right has to respond to this because responding with some type of daily outrage (two minute hate?) is what the right does best. After having basically protected Castro for decades by isolating him, our nation stands poised to destroy that culture and country by simply showing up and acting like fat, jaggoff tourists who want to make sure they have their shitty fast food and theme bars available to them at all times in order to avoid ever having to try something new.

    To your question, my gut instinct is Che killed more personally, but Obama, with his drone war has probably killed a bigger number overall.

    1. I'd say Obama by far. Not with drones, but with lack of leadership and policy.

    2. "Not with drones, but with lack of leadership and policy."

      Shit like this is soooooooooo popular with many, but it says nothing. Multiple times here, I have tried to start some discussion about the genuine difficulties we face trying to re stabilize the middle east. I dont' remember you ever making an attempt to weigh in with anything resembling solution, and so it is with many on the right. One solution, kill them all. As if that will somehow work.

      Obama has not shown a lack of leadership and has not sat on his ass doing nothing. I strongly disagree with his secret drone war, but Obama has targeted and frequently succeeded in killing top commanders in ISIS and other groups. The single biggest fuck up in American policy was the invasion of Iraq, it was agreed to by many spineless Democrats, but it was championed by the far right. To blame Obama for not fixing what was a catastrophic fuck up in thinking is childish, but that is what I constantly hear from the right. I don't hear Obama's policy is bad because some other well explained policy is better. Instead, what I hear is just an endless whine that Obama sucks at everything. Listen to Trump, listen to Cruz, neither of them have a fucking clue about how to handle ISIS, let alone have an ability to even explain what the problems are. Kasich is far above those two morons and most of the Republican base when it comes to actually understanding how complicated the problems there are.