Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hot at the Hillary Store

Photo: Hillaryclinton.com

Hot at the Hillary Store: 'The Everyday Pantsuit Tee'

Hillary Clinton’s newly launched campaign store is hawking the usual assortment of yard signs, tchotchkes and tees, along with a few personal touches.
For $30, Clinton supporters can buy “The Everyday Pantsuit Tee,” a red shirt with a screen-printed suit and Hillary pin on the front. On the back of the shirt: “Pantsuit Up.”
“Pantsuit bottoms not included,” the description says.
The Democratic front-runner’s campaign is also selling a $55 throw pillow, with the phrase “A Woman’s Place is in the White House” stitched on it, along with the ubiquitous campaign logo.
“The perfect touch for any home, whether it’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or simply Pennsylvania,” the description reads.
The people modeling the merchandise aren’t professionals; they’re Hillary for America staffers (and one staffer’s baby).
Clinton is not the first presidential candidate to get in on the novelty campaign items. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign is selling a variety of cheeky items, including four products specifically targeting the former secretary of state. For $99.95, Paul backers can buy “Hillary’s Hard Drive,” as well as “Liberty Not Hillary” bumper stickers, T-shirts. Paul, an ophthalmologist by training, is also offering an eye chart featuring the slogan.
Both campaign stores tout that their products are made in the United States.


  1. New low William even for you. Obviously Hillary will be the perfect president if this is all ya got...............

    1. As long as you don't mind a liar to the extreme, she would be perfect to follow the current resident in the WH. Also a liar. If you like your healthcare, to bad.