Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hillary Avoiding the Press

President Calvin Coolidge is best known today for his taciturn personality, but he actually gave the most press conferences of any U.S. president in history. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton seems to be running on the opposite theory: Talk lots, but not to the media.

The Washington Post reports that during the 30 days of Clinton's official campaign, she has answered precisely eight questions from journalists. What's more, all of those questions occurred in the first week or so of her run — for the last three weeks, she has answered no press questions at all.
As for the questions Clinton has answered, don't get too excited. None of her answers were terribly in-depth: Clinton answered a question about the release of her economic plan by saying, "We have a plan for my plan."  Bonnie Kristian


  1. Well there ya go. It's not the important focus on Benghazi that we all need, but it is a genuine criticism. I'm not sure if it's always been this way, but it seems SOP now to never talk to the press unless you need them to carry your water. Maybe the press should ask themselves why they have been reduced to irrelevancy.

  2. Why have a press conference when you have nothing new to say?