Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Donald Trump could actually become the next President

God help our country but the Donald could actually pull this off. Trump has done the one thing that John McCain couldn't do and Mitt Romney couldn't do. He has won the republican nomination from the center and the center is where our presidents get elected.
  McCain and Romney both were forced to run in the primary far right of where they actually stand in the political universe. When they scurried back towards the center they looked like flip floppers and statements made in the heat of a far right primary came back to bite them both in the ass.
   Who can forget McCain quitting the road and racing back to Washington as the economy failed in 2008 and ending up on the wrong side of history on that one. Who can forget Romney's 47% remark during a speech to wealthy far right donors that became a slogan against his campaign.
    But Trump, he has won the nomination with his give no quarter rhetoric against anything and everything he feels stands in his way. He has hit every nerve in the American psychic on both sides of the aisle.
    If it were just Democrats and Republicans who could vote in the general election I believe the Donald might very well win.
     What we don't know, what is the wild card is the independent. Many states have open conventions where independents can vote and Trump did very well. But many largely populated, mostly blue states in the north do not allow independents to vote in the primary. Trump faired well with the base in these places but how will he appeal to independents who will get to make their first vote in November between Trump and probably Hillary Clinton. How many moderate republicans will follow the lead of the Bush family and sit this one out. And how will Trump affect the down ballot races. Will he have any coat tails or will the independents cut him off at the knees. It will be an interesting election cycle.


  1. I agree, it is quite possible that Trump could be our next President. He is now being referred to in the press as the "leader of the Republican party".