Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker "called" to quit the race

You know, I would have way more respect for these guys if they could just state the obvious and say, "I gave it a shot and the voters did not respond to my message. I thank all the people who worked tirelessly to help me run this campaign." Surely I will be chastised by our perfect example of the beatitudes(, William, for my lack of faith, because pointing out my Godlessness is what he does when he isn't hiding under a bridge asking three questions to let people pass.


  1. "Jesus told me to go home and order a pizza, no anchovies."

    Lol ...

  2. Walker has wisely called on other fringe candidates to withdraw and give someone a chance to effectively challenge Trump, it that's possible. Trump responded, in typical fashion, by saying he looks forward to Walker's support when (not if) he wins the nomination.

    1. I have to admit, none of the candidates have annoyed me anywhere near the extent that Walker has. He is an open and unabashed bitch of the Koch's and his exit speech calling on others to just fold up now that he is out just seems like a lotta Hutzpah to me. It's almost like saying, "Look guys, I WAS a contender until Trump came along and just because some of you other guys aren't broke like me, you should nonetheless drop out because if a guy like me, who is better then you, has been knocked out, you should quickly exit so that we can all work together to take down the guy who just completely invalidated me." News flash Scotty, there are people starting to effectively challenge Trump and they didn't need your less than a half a percent of support to do so.

  3. Former Walker staffer Liz Mair tweeted all of his mistakes, here is the list: