Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cruz Sternly Rebuked By His Own Party

He has vowed to try again today.


  1. Trump and Cruz illustrate living example of the reality that if you are insufferable, whining, grandstanding bitch, you typically get your way if no one kicks your ass and sends you away. I think, ironically, Cruz is forcing McConnell to actually do what he fought tooth and nail to to when he was the minority voice, and that is actually govern. The rebuke is actually a badge of honor for a pompous asshole like Cruz. But, also linked on that page was a story about how McConnell is basically going to let a "clean" budget extension bill go through because he knows the votes are not there to attach defunding PP.

    I guess that this is what conservatives hate, when people actually accept reality that the votes for X agenda do not exist and as a result, the leader of the senate will not let Cruz instigate Fuck You legislation that will never become law. Deep down, I think the true way way way conservative people feel that what Cruz is doing is the right thing. shut every down and make the will of THEIR people become the reality that all others must adhere to. We haven't seen the last of Cruz. McConnell may have been around long enough to keep his job longer than Boehner did and actually get things done, but he will pay the price for cooperation sooner or later.

    1. Cruz is exposing two things.
      One, the republicans as much as the democrats could care less about PP tearing apart living tissue for profit.
      Two, the republicans as much as the democrats just want to spend more money.

      McConnell's days are numbered.

    2. So, if Cruz lacks the support of his party, what are his alternatives? Running as an independent is not realistically viable in the current climate (where big donors call the shots) unless he is fantastically wealthy, which I assume he is not..

    3. The deal is, Republicans have been voted in for the last 3 election cycles. They were voted in to meet Obama head on ... on Obamacare and Immigration. The RNC had better do a little soul searching or they are fixing to blow up the Republican Party. Trump and Cruz share similar views on some things and Trump has money... Cruz being slapped by the party could give him all the justification he needs to tear up his pledge not to jump ship.... Trump / Cruz, regardless of the sanity of it, would eviscerate the Republican Party and might pull enough from the left who have been totally disillusioned by Obama’s version of ‘Immigration Reform’... If not, we have another Democrat for a president...
      I look out on the horizon and see Bernie, Hillary and Joe.... An avowed socialist, a bona fide crook and .... Mr. "If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there's still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong." Joe.....sends shivers up my spine.

    4. "The deal is, Republicans have been voted in for the last 3 election cycles. They were voted in to meet Obama head on ... on Obamacare and Immigration"

      Respectfully TS, I disagree. Boehner has repeatedly blocked votes on immigration because he cannot pass the legislation if he adheres to the Hastert rule. (BTW, Denny Hastert is a fucking child molester http://www.wsj.com/articles/former-house-speaker-dennis-hasterts-lawyers-in-talks-to-settle-criminal-case-1443459651) Further, I think it's fair to say that a select few Republicans have been sent to congress and the Senate to do things in line with YOUR thinking. In the mid terms when Bush was POTUS, the Republicans got slaughtered and in mid terms for Obama, the opposite happened with a shitty, low, voter turnout.

      I get where those of you who post here, who are right of center, lean with your feelings about immigration. The problem for all of you is not assholes like me, it is the rest of the people in the party who are willing to do exactly what Reagan did. Trump and Cruz, IMO, are not in the same universe. Cruz is a fluffer (and yes, I do mean it that way) for people with money. Cruz has done nothing of consequence and has spent an enormous chunk of time in and around government. Say what we will about Trump, he has built for more than Cruz ever will. Cruz is the type of sycophant who is there to say, "Yes Sir" when a guy like Trump farts and asks if it smells good.

      Now that a lot of people have healthcare who didn't before, even those in Red states, they don't want it taken away and they certainly aren't going to vote for someone promising to take it away just as seniors are not going to vote for some Republican promising to end SS as they know it.

    5. I agree with your reasoning. If Trump/Cruz rebel and run as third party candidates, the Republican candidate is toast. So, it that eventuality, who will you vote for?

    6. Obviously their is much more to know about all of the candidates... So that makes any real answer now impossible but...

      No doubt, there is a certain part of Trumps persona that is brash, but he knows ‘show biz’ and media is, or at least what we have for media today is ‘show biz’. Trump has thus far never insulted (assaulted the senses of perhaps) the American people and has confined his remarks to those (legally in this country) who are punching at his level... He’s not picking on anyone that doesn’t have an equal microphone to respond. If you take Trumps bluster and for one minute put it in a box. He is not reaching deeply into his bank account at this moment to test the waters (They are all, like Walker, testing the waters) so if you set aside the show biz he is using to economize then you start to see a bit different person.

      Washington now is pretty much a power game... a career move, so other than the biggest stage in the world, I am not sure what Trump is after.... power, legacy, genuine concern about some American ideal.... I just can’t figure that out. He doesn’t talk much about the constitution or for that matter the rule of law and after this Caesarism of a president, these things are important.

      The reality is... Trump and Cruz are, politically a decent match (With Trump at the top of the ticket). Cruz, as pointed out, has subjugated himself to the Washington filth but he still has some principled positions and they appeal to the a large voting bloc, particularly the Christian right. So he brings a segment of the voting right than no one but Santorum can reach.

      If you follow Trumps writings and comments over the years( and not treat them as pure narcissism), he has spoke about a good many issues that concern this country... just exactly what his solutions are remain about as vague as every other politician.

      Cruz and Trump have similar views if not methods on

      The IRS and taxes
      School Choice
      The Fed
      Balance Budget
      And of course Immigration

      “Respectfully TS, I disagree. Boehner has repeatedly blocked votes on immigration because he cannot pass the legislation if he adheres to the Hastert rule. “

      While you may wish to see the steady rise of Republicans being set to Washington as either a gerrymandered aberration or just a bunch of moderates who weren’t sent for any particular reason other than to compromise with democrats and peacefully raise the debt limit, Republicans as a group are upset over the many consequences of immigration.... of obamacare and or US foreign policy particularly with respect to trade and the debt. Do not think that just because liberals have managed to hook a few more people on the ‘free’ doesn’t mean that people aren’t still wanting a better way than big government. Presented with a real plan with solid reasoning communicated to the public who people you think are irreversibly hooked on the national tit, will be willing to sacrifice. People sent representatives to Washington to vote on the issues they campaigned on... win, lose or draw. Voting records are a bitch however....

    7. "He doesn’t talk much about the constitution or for that matter the rule of law and after this Caesarism of a president, these things are important."

      Sigh, so many people, left and right, are simply intoxicated with their trite labels. It doesn't matter what I see the rise of Republicans as being tied to, there rest of you here will dispute if for no other reason than I am a liberal. 33.6% What does that number represent? the percentage of people who actually did vote out of a theoretical 100% who could have voted. So while you and others can believe this is some statement made in favor of Republicans by the entirety of America, I'm not quite seeing it that way.

      Of the fire breathing Republicans who did get elected, I will concede that those sent by this one third of the electorate are doing exactly what they were sent to do. What do the other 2/3d's want? I'm guess you probably don't care because it probably wouldn't square with the constitution anyway. If this is your reasoning now, I'd like to see what you have to say when a completely predictable mid term wave sees Democrats get a majority.

    8. Frankly, I was giving my opinion... short and sweet.

      But these folks have an opinion:

    9. Clever, that's never been done before. It's like asking Fat people if they'd be interested in a diet where they lose weight but only eat cake and pizza. Most people would be able to accept that any question involving a unicorn is fantasy, but this is not the case when it comes to America voters and taxes.

    10. People go for the fantasy as well:



      Any good democrat that has any understanding of democrat principles would have immediately been tipped off by the ‘Estate Tax’ question.... or else the vote would just come down to... ‘Free’

      By the way... don’t be so sure that it is just high level tax questions that flummox people.


    11. yeah, even the lofty minded like yourself eventually tip you hand to what you are really about.

    12. What is it that I am about? You are the one who said that only 1/3 of registered voters actually participate. I was only pointing out that I hope for all that is righteous that these folks are the ones who are in the 2/3rds group and if they actually happen to be in the group that pulls the lever, I can understand why the US is headed in the direction that it is.