Thursday, June 2, 2016

Small engaged group. See you there.


  1. I haven't read a lot of the posts but it certainly looks like preachin to the choir to me... Point me to a good active debate please.

  2. Point me to any debate here. I am attempting to introduce more diversity into the new site. Cheers.

    1. Didn't mean to be quite so short but..... I mean, what good is a forum that doesn't have at least a couple of utopian, 'centrist', progressives .... they are so entertaining...

    2. I'm trying to attract pfunky and rick into the mix for some pink lemonade.

    3. hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      you're an ass.

    4. I think you get pfunky wrong. My take is that she is a sensible person with reasonable talking points . She does, I think, suffer from the unionized academic world she is surrounded by.... now Rick on the other hand..... Hey... I can't help it if the brown shirts are showing themselves... violent, democracy hating and nurtured and egged on by the democratic party. Who said that Hitler and Mussolini were right wing... after all, they had nothing but praise for FDR.....

    5. Rick been to busy egging Trump supporters.

    6. That is getting everyones attention... Tomorrow they will be out waving the American flag and escorting Trump supporters to their cars... Hillary and LULAC have told them to change their tactics. Same tactics as before... anti American scumbags.

      I like one comment someone made. "For every one illegal that Trump talks about there are 10 that are hard working"... the word illegal never entered their conscientiousness when they said it.

      I'm not a sold fan of Trump because he could be very good for America or very bad ... he is nebulous in his policy declarations and core beliefs but one thing is showing to be a fact... every time he calls out a scumbag in a speech, they jump out in the street and act like the scumbag that he said they were.

    7. You are a constitutional libertarian. Trump seems to be the embodiment of the imperial president. I figured he'd make your head spin like Linda Blair ...

    8. Sorry pfunky I didn't see your post.
      You know were I stand on most things and I am not a great Trump fan. Up to this election I actually had someone who I could support but its rather stark this cycle. What I am a fan of is that, whether his has good solutions or not, he is putting the established order under the spot light... and they do not like it. Beijing to London, Trump is shaking it up. Europe and Mexico are freaking out... Between Trump and the Brexit referendum people are fit to be tied. The established model is that Europe will become like the US where the nation states will be absorbed into a federalist overlord in Brussels and then by extension Europe will be the model for nation state integration in North America. As for China, it has yet to build a self sustaining economy... any reasonable pullback by US consumers could send China into a full blown revolution. None of this of course has to do with open borders or free trade but it has everything to do will centralized control. If Britain leaves the EU... the EU will disintegrate and if Trump is elected, the Amero project will be derailed....
      I am also under no illusion that the US is VERY VERY far from its classical liberal roots and to right this ship will require some interim steps that aren't quite in the libertarian lexicon but will be the only way to get US back to anything that looks like constitutional principles. I am for the sovereign individual but first we have to have a sovereign state... and then sovereign states.
      Trump could be pretty darn good (in the interim sense) or very very bad but Hillary can be nothing more than the crooked bad that she has always been. I have said in other discussions that I almost hoped Trump and Sanders would be against each other and I would hope for a Sanders win. If Sanders won and the economy and society tanked it would be over failed socialist policy but if Trump won and the economy and society tanked it is capitalism that would get the blame even though his policies would be far from free market or constitutional...
      I see you weren't invited to the forum ''. So.... I wish to personally invite you because I would love to see your thoughts added to that place as well....Their appears, if it matters to you, 2 or 3 other women and a reasonable mix of thought.... although this are some hardliners that need to be worked on.

  3. Mick.... Louman..... come on down...


  4. fas·cism.

    NOUN authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
    synonyms: authoritarianism · totalitarianism · dictatorship ·
    •(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

    And The Scott you say I wear the brown shirt. I really thought you had a grasp on different political ideologies but apparently not. Obviously you still haven't figured out the difference between socialism which Hitler was not and Fascism which he was. Unless we progressive, liberal, socialist, citizens of this great country rally together the right is preparing to elect as our next president the narrow minded and authoritarian Donald Trump as president and the conversion from a great nation to an intolerant country will be complete.

    Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press ·

    1. Rick you are now and always have been a useful minion to something you don't understand.... Hillary Clinton is a minion as well. The only difference is that she knows she is a minion who will do what she has to to see her children survive while yours outlive their usefulness. The thing that makes you different from her is that you have been fed the line about the end of Darwinism... the end of survival of the fittest... She knows it is alive and will and using you to insure her survival.

      One day you will realize that all those labels... socialism, communism, fascism, republican, democrat etc etc... lead to the same place and you will see that their is no future it it for you and yours; your usefulness at an end....
      Wilson created the brown shirt... FDR praised him for it and both Hitler and Mussilini found a kindrid spirit in FDR....

      By the way, for the sake of discussion... perhaps on the other forum, you could tell us just exactly what makes Trump intolerant.

    2. "In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause."

      I saw a picture of rick on wiki when I looked this up.

  5. Maybe I'll check in. I don't know if I have the passion anymore ...

    1. Never ever give up your passion... hell, any opponent regardless of who they are count on it...

    2. Not my passion of conviction or for good debate/discussion about politics - just for barking at/getting barked at on the internet.

      This isn't about the folks here - we've been bantering for the better part of a decade going back to MW. I enjoy and have learned from my interactions with everyone here.

      I'm just kinda disgusted at the general behavior of folks online. Now this isn't about me. I don't mind being called names, being sworn at, or being underestimated - I've actually done pretty well for myself (in life) in part because folks (mostly men) tend to underestimate me and I think I've shown that I can give as good as I get and vise-versa.

      It's just become ugly, TS, and it's become ugly w/o any intellectual grounding to it. Not just with regards to politics, but with regards to everything that's culturally relevant at the moment.

      This point was recently hammered home by the NBA finals. Now I live near Cleveland and I'm a sports fan. The Cavs won the championship and the whole town is celebrating but if you look at social media and the horrible comments about the players, their families, their fans, you'd think that WWIII was about to break out - about a fucking basketball game ... That's just one of many examples of what a cesspool for militant assholes the internet has become.

      I'm hardly some uptight prude or some mousy little housewife that shies away from conflict. Again, the internet has really become a cesspool for assholes and I'm not sure I want to swim in it anymore. A friend of mine sent me a horribly politically incorrect link to a meme that was a picture of a boy with Down's syndrome crossing the finish line in a race. The caption underneath said, "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded." Absolutely tasteless, but a good point nonetheless given the overwhelming majority posters/commenters/bloggers out there.

      Idk. Maybe it's just that I'm finally getting old and this is my first "These Kids Today" moment. I'm 44 now with 3 kids, my eldest is 12. I'm an Xer, part of the "bridge generation" between the analog and the digital. Maybe I'm overexposed to this stuff.

      I have often heard the phrase "the coarsening of our society", usually uttered by older Conservatives on this blog and back on MW. Usually it's used in the context of complaining about gays or a popular tv show or rap music or something. I would actually blame the internet. There's something that happens that turns otherwise amicable and rational folks into raging assholes when their posting online. I had a prof back in the 90s refer to this phenomenon as "the Facism of Absolute Freedom" (slightly different context but same principle). At the time I kinda dismissed it as academic babble. No, he had a point. See the rise of Trump.

      Whew ... Sorry for totally over explaining that! Lol. I'll check the site out. Maybe I'll post. Right now I'm focusing on the real world. Catch up with ya later, TS :-)



    3. I do understand Jan. I have had to step back even from dialog here on several occasions. I understand that I am becoming one of the more... senior citizens in the country but see that same exuberance of misguided youth that I saw in the 60’s... Plenty of good causes, lots of really bad prescriptions and I am afraid that America has been sold on the idea that government is THE answer... and academia is pure of heart. Sad really but the anxiety and anger in the US is playing out in very unproductive ways... unfortunately for a conspiracy guy like me, they are playing out as planned...

      FDR once said that nothing in politics is an accident, if it happens you can believe if was planned that way. I don’t see Brexit as an accident... of Black Lives Matter... or even Trump.

      Do drop by. We seem to have a wider variety of people there and I think my biggest battles will be with some of the more staunch conservative types (sorry to say but most liberals are too far gone to get the small government concept) but we keep plugging the message... if just one will think and engage, the banter will be worth it...

      Do take care and look after yourself... and do stop by to at least say hi..


    4. Hey Pfunky,

      Hope you are well.


  6. Things are good, Lou, thanks :-) I hope all is well for you & your daughter!

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